How to Do Ab Workouts to See Results

Was your new year’s resolution the same as everyone else’s? More money less tummy? Even if it wasn’t there is no time like right now to start building a great six-pack so you can be beach-body ready for the summer. So you are looking for a lot of effective ab exercises to do every day so you can make progress– but is that the best method?

Actually, no. If you repeat the same exercises each day, you might actually harm your body rather than improve it. Overworking any muscle can make you prone to injury, which could keep you out of the gym for weeks.

When you do any kind of strength training, you are creating micro-tears in your muscles. The healing time that you give your muscles is actually the time that they use to grow. It is during this time when they rebuild their muscle fibers and get bigger and more defined.

If you do the same exercise every day, you are not giving your muscles a chance to recover and are therefore not giving them time to grow. You may, however, be setting yourself up to get injured by overworking your muscles.

Your abs are no different from the rest of your muscles in this respect, so it is important to allow enough time between training sessions for those microtears to heal and the fibers to regrow.

If you are doing an abs circuit, try using a variety of exercises and give your body the time it needs to rest between sets. Keeping your core strong is an important factor in achieving a muscular physique as well as for keeping a healthy posture. Your core helps you balance and stand up straight and also helps prevent back pains that can keep you from exercising. However, it is still important to do these exercises in moderation.

It is also important to check your diet if you want your strength training to be effective. It is true, your abs actually are made in the kitchen. Try to eat a plant-based diet that is full of whole foods that are mostly locally sourced. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet, no matter how much time you are spending in the gym.

Avoid processed foods and typical snack foods that you find in the middle aisles of the grocery store. Instead, shop around the perimeter for whole foods that will help fuel your body properly for your workouts. When it comes to drinks, stick to water. You don’t need fancy waters that sell themselves as being full of vitamins or energy drinks that claim to give you a boost. If you get enough sleep and exercise and eat properly, you shouldn’t need those gimmicky drinks to get you through the day. Also, they add unneccesary calories to your diet that your body cannot really use.

The truth is, the best way to get the results you are likely looking for is to balance a proper diet with both cardio workouts and strength training exercises. It is also important to get enough sleep so your body gets the rest that it needs to power through the next day.

Try working out hard five times a week and take your two rest days somewhere in the middle. So, work out for two days straight and then take a rest day. Then, work out for three days in a row and then rest for a full day. It is important to let your body recover and you will see results faster if you do it this way rather than trying to work as hard as you can every day.

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